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It’s Spring Equinox: Flower Power

As you know some of the earliest flowers to bloom are crocus, tulips, daffodils, snowdrops and iris. Spring brings us nice warm air adding sparks of color and fragrance. It shouts out “Renewal” as the earth unfolds from its sleepy cocoon with lush green beds of grassy fields, trees displaying their spring collection of velvety jackets. All of this gives us positive vibes and energy, and a fresh start. During the month of March we celebrate spring by enclosing a free packet of flower seeds with every full bottle purchase online at Get inspired whether it be in pots, planters or in the ground, plant a whole flower bed. The flower buds attract pollinators, bees, butterflies, etc. to encourage both the pollinators and us to take care of the earth. They will enjoy the sweet nectar that comes from the flowers and we will have a healthy and bright environment.

Pollinators play a vital role in constructing habitats and maintaining ecosystems. Many other species, including us, rely on these small workers to facilitate the creation of food. Throughout the world, honey, oils, and fat production drives a huge industry where people demand these resources for both food and industrial applications. Pollinations alone are responsible for this, as well as maintaining 90% of the flowering population.

La Fleur by Livvy acknowledges the fact that there are also artificial pollination methods, but we love using the most natural methods as they are giving life to more pollinators especially the dwindling population of bees thus encouraging a more clean and sustainable environment.

Flowers have a significant importance in nature. They provide nutrients for insects, birds, animals, humans, which allows species to flourish. Flowers also provide natural medicines for ailments for both humans and animals, for example, indigenous groups in Central and South America such as people in the valley of Teotihuacán, used medicines made by plants for common ailments dating back to hundreds of years ago. Ancient India’s Ayurveda (also known as the science of life) uses plants and flowers in medicine. Another significance of flowers is that they help more plants reproduce! Without flowers, the world would not be sustainable enough for us to live in! Flowers in many cultures are used in auspicious ceremonies such as in birth, death and marriage; the circle of life. Indian women adorn their hair with elaborate jasmine garlands as fragrance. We would like to see more flowers fields planted for use in natural perfumery as well, keeping perfume as natural as possible; using the soothing fragrance of flowers in them. Check out our Fleur Collection

So come let us plant a garden together.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn

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