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Barcelona Perfumery Congress ~ Spain November 2023

Updated: Feb 27

This event was hosted and organized by Beauty Cluster President, Marc Crous and his team.

The LFBL team had the honor of attending the Barcelona Perfumery Congress keynote sessions. It was two whole days from November 22nd - 23rd 2023 with workshops back to back. We got to learn about fragrance history, cultural expositions, learn about challenges and regulation updates in the fragrance industry and get an intro to how the digital world influences fragrance. There were so many speakers that I look up to, and had the pleasure of hearing some of them present their research and workshops. The fragrance industry is continually developing, and it is important for us to keep up with trends and regulations to ensure that our perfumes at La Fleur by Livvy are high-quality and ethically made while sustainably sourced. Being a small business, there are challenges that we choose to accept because we promote clean beauty and natural perfumery. Ensuring that we can create animal cruelty free, ethical, sustainable, and luxury perfumes is worth it whilst trying to leave a small green footprint behind some day for generations to come. Just the thought of making a small difference counts, right.

Most importantly we were at the International Perfume Foundation booth and had our 100% Natural Perfume Jadon (roots) on display for people to smell. Jadon was a Finalist.

The other finalists were also present from other parts of the world and it was great getting to meet them. Creezy Courtoy, IPF Chairman & Founder decorated the booth with roses and also presented the New Luxury Awards designed by Pascal Morabito. Olivia got to also meet her instructor (French Natural Perfumery Course) Francoise Rapp and the two now have a fun story to share, lol.

LFBL was delighted to attend the International Perfume Foundation New Luxury Awards Ceremony as a finalist and are proud winners of the prestigious brand award. Our trophy proudly sits up high at the perfume studio! Have you seen it?

The awards were presented at the Barcelona Perfumery Congress on November 23rd. A little about the new luxury code: Do you know the New Luxury code?

Later that evening we headed out to celebrate at a fun location.

We are humbled and grateful to have been presented with this prestigious award and are excited to move forward, creating more natural perfumes in the future.

Some of the workshops attended & experienced:

  • The Fine Fragrance Market in India

  • Mintel's 2024 Beauty & Personal Care Trends workshop 

  • Do you speak Perfume? How Technology enables a new universal language of scents

  • Emotions for your senses

  • We met a really cool company from Sicily that had beautiful, high quality, citrus oils- sourcing new oils. We smelled bergamot, lemon and mandarin.

  • Scent exploration: floral, citrus, animal musk, woody

  • Demystifying Natural Perfume Production


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