Customer Reviews

Love the fragrances available at La Fleur by Livvy. My personal favorite is Fleur d' Aspiration. Its mild fragrance reminds me of my childhood growing up in India where brides always put a sandalwood paste on their skin to bring out their beautiful glowing complexion. I also feel like I'm walking along this beautiful English rose garden. What I love most about this fragrance is that it's all natural and doesn't suffocate people around you. I had stopped wearing perfumes after my baby was born as he seemed to start sniffling and coughing each time I wore some, but with La Fleur by Livvy he doesn't seem to have a problem. Also the bottles with the vintage atomizers are very elegant and love the overall packaging and presentation. Not forgetting the reasonable prices.


Toronto Canada

Thank you for sending me the Fleur d'Aspiration!  Its fragrance is exquisite and happy to also say that it has the staying power I hoped for! 


Milwaukie, OR

A wonderful scent for the Autumn months ahead! A soft and subtle patchouli lingers on the skin with a hint of lime and florals perfectly blended. A fresh, not too heavy, not too earthy, but 'just right' patchouli beckoning the waning days of summer to come join in Fall celebrations!



Really appreciated the fact that there's no harsh chemicals used, also like the small roll-on bottles and thought they were cute. Her favorite scent of the three is the Fleur de Mystere. Thank you for making such great perfumes


Cincinnati, OH

I purchased a bottle of  Fleur de Mystere for a friend and yes, she loved it! Thank you so much for all of your help, you were so kind and patient with me.

Melesha, Texas

JUST LOVE the oils smell so good and really help with anxiety


I received Forbidden Love today and I love it! Thank you so much, Livvy! It is stunningly beautiful. What a gorgeous work



Dear Olivia, I'm still in love with Forbidden Love and, if I have to be honest, I must say that it reminds me a lot of those days in New York. I was in that wonderful city for two years (between 1998 and 2000) when I did my master's degree in journalism at Columbia University. It was a wonderful time. I was happy in New York. That's why I'm happy every time I use Forbidden Love. Thanks for that. Best regards. Gustavo

-Gustavo, Brazil

Hi Livvy, I just wanted to the you know how much I love my Fleur de l'Amour perfume. I Love it!! Pienso que todos tus perfumes son esquisitos. Y no solo eso tengo jabon que me deja la pies suavesita. Luego tengo la crema cuando me siento depimida la uso para sentirme mejor. One of million things that I love this perfumes are that I can used every day and my kids are not allergic to the smell. Mi esposo le encanta que yo use mi perfume.  WE love it.. Thank you very much.. Keila V., Colorado


Glenwood Springs, CO

Livvy's creations are magical results of carefully researched and handcrafted natural plant based perfumes. These various sensuous scents are not only totally luxurious, but truly as chemical free as they can get. I have just purchased the roll on 'Fleur de Mystere' and 'Fleur de Seduire' duo, and I really cherish them both: 'Fleur de Seduire', just as its name suggests; is a little more noticeable and seductive in a very feminine way, whereas her little sister 'Fleur de Mystere' with a touch of Patchouli, is almost mystical in its delicate subtle way. Since I teach yoga classes and am around a lot of people, I know how some of us are very sensitive and occasionally quite allergic to different chemicals and scents. So I find it great that I can carry these easily portable pretty-pink bottles with me to refresh myself before or after classes without irritating anyone around me.I now look forward to Livvy's new scents which are going to be based on 'Doshas' (our own unique constitution according to Ayurveda). I just can't wait to have the same ones that I got, and then add more!

-Fey, yoga instructor, Florida

A WALK IN GIVERNY is an invitation to tour a garden, and not just any garden – THE garden. Initial spray immediately releases cooling breezes, happiness of walking through freshly turned earth, and sunshine warming subtle fragrance from each individual plant.  Trailing vanilla supports whiffs of Citrusy Bergamot, Spicy Rhododendron, Jasmine, Tuberose, Geranium, Carnation, Black Currant Bud and Hay. This is not a full blown floral chorus – it’s green buds from Spring’s early shoots.  The drydown is dappled woody, resinous sunlight.   Just like my other favorite from La Fleur By Livvy (Forbidden Love), it’s appropriate to wear anytime – Especially when you are in a situation that requires low key presence, yet the perfume addict in you craves WONDERFUL, not boring.  Also, like FL – I’m looking forward to trying this in Summertime, when the cooling aspect of this will be enticing, and the woody notes take a stronger stand....

-Leah B,


I have received the perfume and its beautiful packaging especially the lovely velvet pouch, it has a wonderfully sensual touch. I look forward to gifting it, thank you for the follow up and your kindness throughout, I'm happy to have made a friend, Mohammed, United Kingdom

- Mohammed, United Kingdom