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About the Perfumer


La Fleur by Livvy was founded in the summer of 2013 by Olivia Larson aka Livvy in Colorado, the USA who is a self-taught Artisan perfume maker. Each perfume is handcrafted in small batches and is plant-based natural perfumes.


Since the main ingredients are derived from flowers and plants, therefore, the name “La Fleur” or “The Flower”.  "My love for flowers led me to create a fragrance line using what nature has to offer us. My fragrances are not intended to overwhelm the presence in the room. They are meant to accentuate but not take away from the wearer.  They are soft, subtle and sensuous".


Where did the journey begin? What inspires you?

"Memories of my childhood in India: of Indian women in the marketplace with fragrant jasmine garlands in their hair. The scent of attar's, tuberoses, rose waters, and sandalwood incense sticks wafting through the air as they burn. The various flowers that bloomed at night, the smell of earth after it rained on a hot summer day. The smell of fresh mint leaves being crushed into juice at a vendor’s stall. The frangipani (plumeria) flowers grew outside our home by my grandmother’s bedroom window. "


Our fragrances are about Journeys and Travel. The "Fleur" Collection is about a woman's journey in life, it's about her dreams and aspirations, her faith, innocence, and seductiveness. It is the first series of perfumes that were created.

Our Logo represents the feminine goddess within each of us and mother earth's abundance in nature.

Whilst our primary focus is to offer our customers a complete 100% Botanical Line of Perfumes using the best raw ingredients.

We also realize that many fragrance lovers enjoy perfumes with more sillage and longevity.  Whilst Mixed Media Perfumes are controversial for some; we are keeping our formulas as high as possible within the 80-90% range of using the same botanical raw ingredients with a small percentage of synthetic and premium fragrance oils which are Phthalate & Paraben Free.

We do not use Animal Musks.  We are Animal Cruelty-Free.

Olivia was a Certified Natural Perfumer and Public Relations with/for the International Perfume Foundation, Paris until Aug 2020 when she stepped down from her role in order to explore perfumes more and create mixed media fragrances.

We have been members of the Indie Network Business since our formation to date. 

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide perfumes created with 100% botanical ingredients. Our primary focus is more on what’s inside the bottle using high-quality natural raw ingredients, organic and rare when possible while sourcing these materials ethically from around the world to the best of our ability. We also use Organic Alcohol.


Since our conception back in 2013 we ONLY offered All Natural Perfumes but in Aug 2020 we realize that not everyone wants a Natural Perfume and that many fragrance lovers enjoy perfumes with more sillage and longevity for example.  Whilst Mixed Media Perfumes are controversial for some; we are keeping our formulas to as high as possible within the 80-90% range of using the same botanical raw ingredients with a small percentage of carefully selected synthetic and Premium fragrance oils which are Phthalate & Paraben Free.

Every ingredient is listed on our perfumes. 


We will never use REAL Animal Musks.  We are Animal Cruelty-Free.


Our packaging is made with eco-friendly labels and boxes, high-quality recyclable glass bottles designed to satisfy our customers. 

Whilst the skin is the biggest organ of the body and what you spray on it matters, so if you wish to enhance your holistic experience and improve your overall lifestyle, we invite you to try our "100% Natural perfumes". Flowers are divine and we believe in the true quality of nature but if this is not for you try our Mixed Media perfumes; we are not here to judge your choices or lifestyle. 

Finally, we promise to work hard to serve you and maintain excellent customer service.

Thank you

La Fleur by Livvy

Meet The La FleUr Team

Andrej Babicky, Perfumer & Nose

I graduated in Theater Critique and Philosophy. During my studies, I began to be interested in design and everything regarding the sense of smell.  After a few years, I studied Natural perfumery at Natural Perfume Academy, where I continue to collaborate as a tutor. I obtained certification as a natural perfumer by the International Perfume Foundation and won the New Luxury Award 2020 for best natural perfume in Paris in January 2020.

I am now collaborating with Olivia on a new perfume that will be launched soon. The first of many more to come.


Lisel Villemaire, Asst. Social Media & Marketing

I recently graduated High School and it will most likely go down in history for the year that we did not have a proper graduation ceremony across the country due to covid. I started college at Emby-Riddle, Florida in July 2020 where I pursue a degreee in Engineering. I work for La Fleur in the creative dept putting out posts on Instagram and Facebook and shoot pictures sometimes. Art and Photography are my passions. 

I love nature and perfumes.


Kate Curry,

Regional Sales Account Manager

Kate Curry has been in the beauty industry since 1985. Her adoration for anything beauty-related has led her to years of sales at Sephora and assorted beauty supply stores, work as an esthetician, and long-standing writing for beauty blogs.


A mere six years ago Kate bought her first niche brand perfume and instantly fell down the rabbit hole, amassing a huge quirky and eclectic perfume collection. Incense and oud are her favorite notes but she is not above something sweet and gourmand. Natural perfumes hold a special appeal for her. She simply can’t stop exploring, discovering, learning about perfume.


“Selling something I am passionate about is second nature to me. If I am recommending a product you can bet it’s a winner. In a nutshell, I want to share the joy I get from something with other people. I want to spread the love. So when Livvy asked me to work with her it was a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time working with sensational smells, ethical values, and all in a highly creative environment. It’s exciting!””


Keane Karnan

V.P. Production

I am a Colorado native, avid mountain biker. 

A Culinary Graduate from Mesa State University.

I love Italian and Asian Cuisine. I enjoy the cross-over from flavors to smell.

I currently work as a Director of Nutritional Services at a local retiree facility in GJ and in my spare time work behind the scenes assisting with production and at trade events where  I get to meet our customers in person. 

The scent is nostalgic and time traveling at the same time.