Welcome to La Fleur by Livvy Natural Perfumes. Each fragrance is hand crafted in small batches using the finest ingredients.

Artisan Perfumes at its best.  Botanical Line. Animal Cruelty Free.

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About the Perfumer

La Fleur by Livvy was founded in the summer of 2013 by Olivia Larson aka Livvy based in Colorado, USA.

Each perfume is hand crafted in small batches and are plant-based natural perfumes.

Since the main ingredients are derived from flowers and plants, therefore, the name “La Fleur” or “The Flower”. 

My love for flowers led me to create a fragrance line using  what nature has to offer us. 


My fragrances are not intended to overwhelm the presence in the room. They are meant to accentuate but not take away from the wearer.  They are soft, subtle and sensuous.”

~ Olivia Larson

Where did the journey begin?
What inspires you?


“Memories of my childhood in India: of Indian women in the market place with fragrant jasmine garlands in their hair. The scent of attar's, tuberoses, rose waters, and sandalwood incense sticks wafting through the air as they burn. The various flowers that bloomed at night, the smell of the earth after it rained on a hot summer day. The smell of fresh mint leaves being crushed into juice at a vendor’s stall. The frangipani (plumeria) flowers which grew outside our home by my grandmother’s bedroom window. ”


Our fragrances are about Journeys and Travel. The "Fleur" Collection is about a woman's journey in life, it's about her dreams and aspirations, her faith, innocence and seductiveness. It is the first series of perfumes that were created.

Proud to be a certified Natural Perfumer by the International Perfume Foundation