Fleur d ‘Aspiration: Sandalwood mixed with notes of Bergamot and Frangipani flowers are key ingredients to help bring out all that is aspiring in you! This scent is delicious, sweet and fresh. May your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and always have Faith.

Main Accords: citrus, woody, white floral, balsamic, powdery.
An Oriental Floral Fragrance for Women.


Fleur d’ Aspiration is a scent that speaks to me of spring, growth, and renewal.  It opens with a beautiful rush of flowers accented by a sparkling citrus, diffusive but light and uplifting.  This bouquet wears sweetly for hours before revealing a precious and powdered sandalwood base hovering close to the skin for the rest of the day. Sandalwood mixed with notes of Bergamot and Frangipani flowers.. Michael Singels, Editor & Natural Perfumery Editor, Cafleurebon


Fleur d' Aspiration Natural EDP 50 ML

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