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Fleur de Mystere Natural EDP 50 ML

Fleur de Mystere Natural EDP 50 ML


Fleur de Mystere Natural EDP is an Spicy Amber floral paying homage to a mysterious power that is greater than ourselves. It’s a bouquet of flowers on the altar of a church dating back many centuries, with vendors outside the old stone church selling fresh peaches, citrus, and spices from the world spice trade markets. The ylang ylang, geranium and patchouli speak of an ancient wisdom, and the ever-present rose is not just the sweet petals but the entire rose holding all the other notes together. Dry down is a little sweet, designed to intoxicate those around the wearer with a desire to know more.

Notes include: Bergamot, Geranium, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, and Sandalwood.

Main Accords: fresh spicy, woody, powdery, warm spicy, aromatic, rose.

This is such a beautiful perfume. Not only do I love woods, but I love to wear them in the fall, in particular. Fleur de Mystere is a floral perfume that is heavily anchored with wood. I'm not saying this because of its name ("Mystere"), but the perfume smells mysterious to me. It smells like there is something spicy in it, yet at the same time it doesn't smell spicy at all, like no cinnamon or clove. That is the mysterious, oriental part about it. The wood in this perfume is superb, and it's the note that comes out the strongest on me. I smell all the other notes too, amazingly, but they are more subdued and so well-blended that no one note in particular screams out above the rest. What can I say? I am just in love with this stuff. It has a classic feel to it, it's elegant, and while I want to say that it's feminine, I believe it could wear really nicely on a man too because of the strong sandalwood and touch of geranium. 
Sillage is soft, and longevity is 10-12 hours, which is fantastic... review by Liz ~ Ave Parfum.

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