Meet the La Fleur Team 

Kate Curry, Regional Sales Account Manager

Kate Curry has been in the beauty industry since 1985. Her adoration for anything beauty-related has led her to years of sales at Sephora and assorted beauty supply stores, work as an esthetician, and long-standing writing for beauty blogs.


A mere six years ago Kate bought her first niche brand perfume and instantly fell down the rabbit hole, amassing a huge quirky and eclectic perfume collection. Incense and oud are her favorite notes but she is not above something sweet and gourmand. Natural perfumes hold a special appeal for her. She simply can’t stop exploring, discovering, learning about perfume.


“Selling something I am passionate about is second nature to me. If I am recommending a product you can bet it’s a winner. In a nutshell, I want to share the joy I get from something with other people. I want to spread the love. So when Livvy asked me to work with her it was a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time working with sensational smells, ethical values, and all in a highly creative environment. It’s exciting!””

Andrej Babicky, Perfumer & Nose

I graduated in Theater Critique and Philosophy. During my studies, I began to be interested in design and everything regarding the sense of smell.  After a few years, I studied Natural perfumery at Natural Perfume Academy, where I continue to collaborate as a tutor. I obtained certification as a natural perfumer by the International Perfume Foundation and won the New Luxury Award 2020 for best natural perfume in Paris in January 2020.

I am now collaborating with Olivia on a new perfume that will be launched soon. The first of many more to come.

Lisel Villemaire, Asst. Social Media & Marketing

I recently graduated High School and it will most likely go down in history for the year that we did not have a proper graduation ceremony across the country due to covid. I started college at Emby-Riddle, Florida in July 2020 where I pursue a degreee in Engineering. I work for La Fleur in the creative dept putting out posts on Instagram and Facebook and shoot pictures sometimes. Art and Photography are my passions. 

I love nature and perfumes.

Keane Karnan

V.P. Production

I am a Colorado native, avid mountain biker. 

A Culinary Graduate from Mesa State University.

I love Italian and Asian Cuisines. I enjoy the cross over from flavors to smell.

I currently work as a Director of Nutritional Services at a local retiree facility in GJ and in spare time work behind the scenes assisting with production and at trade events where

I get to meet our

customers in person. 

Scent is nostalgic and time travelling at the same time. 

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